Dear Willows Home Owners in Moore, OK

Dear Willows Home Owners,

My name is Jessica Merrell. My husband and I own a home in the Willows and we have for the last 12 years. Late last year our family relocated out of state and we made the decision not to sell our home but to rent it out.

You may have heard about our home and us from Marvin Hayworth Homes who sent out an email earlier this week in regards to proposed changes to the Willows Subdivision Convents and Restrictions. I thought I would take a moment to clear the air and share with you a little about my husband, my family and me.  

Earlier this year we leased our home to an executive home rental company. They specialize in long term and short term rentals for corporate executives, lawyers, doctors, and military members. Our home is professionally furnished and maintained. Prior to making this decision, I reviewed the covenants to ensure that our decision was in compliance with the current covenants and restrictions. Our rentals are in compliance with the current covenants and restrictions.

We are not operating a short-term Airbnb.

Our house is not operating as an Airbnb or a Bed and Breakfast for short-term stays or someone who is in town for a vacation.

Our entire home is being rented out to executives while on a project for work such as doctors at a local hospital who are teaching for a semester, military officers who are waiting for their on-base housing, or executives relocating to the Oklahoma City area with their families. We recently had a Cornell from Tinker Air Force Base and his family stay in our home.

We have tried to work for solutions in terms of temporary access with the gate code.

I’ve presented several solutions to Marvin Hayworth Homes offering up options including our home having a temporary gate code that expires monthly in order to maintain the level of security expected within the Willows. We have received no feedback regarding these suggestions. I’ve reached out to Marvin Hayworth Homes on multiple occasions trying to work with them receiving little to no response.

At present, the only persons who have access to the gate code are the current executive tenants and the property management company.

Our street currently has 9 houses listed for sale.

We choose to offer executive rentals for our home in part because we are planning only out of state for the short term. We plan on returning to our home. As I mentioned, we have owned and lived in our home for 12 years.

The housing market in the Willows is flooded with homes. In fact, there are 9 homes for sale on our street with one home being listed for over a year. We are trying to make a financially responsible decision that plays within the rules of the current Willows covenants.

The proposed changes to the Willows Covenants and Restrictions will make homes harder to sell and rent in our subdivision compared to the others in Moore, Norman, and Oklahoma City. Requiring a six-month minimum lease restricts homeowners unnecessarily and I believe decreases the value of the homes within the Willows.

In Closing

As someone who has lived in this community for 12 years, we did not make this decision lightly to rent our home, which is why we choose to rent the home to executives who will maintain our home and are in line with the type of professionals who live in our community.

Please know our home is serviced weekly, professionally cleaned, and the lawn maintained allowing us to maintain the standard of homes expected in the Willows Community. The only individuals who have access to the gate code are current tenants and the property management company. The security is extremely important to us and is one of the reasons we choose to purchase a home in the Willows all those years ago.

The proposed changes to the Willows Covenants and Restrictions will make homes harder to sell and rent in the Oklahoma City Metro area compared to the other subdivisions in Moore, Norman, and Oklahoma City. They remove rights unnecessarily from the owner. We are also not in agreement with the proposed changes to the attorney and legal fees.

I do hope that my response helps clear the air so you can understand our commitment to the community, and how these proposed changes might impact you in the future if you choose to rent or sell your home. Thank you for taking the time to read my response.

Feel free to email me directly with questions at Jessica(at) or contact me by phone with questions at (405) 293-2564.

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